Our mission

In India, thousands of farmers are committing suicide every year. There are many reasons. An unmanaged and unfairly controlled agricultural system is on the top.

On the other hand, reliable safe food is not available for consumers. Food around us is contaminated by hazardous chemicals. It has low nutritious value. But then the question arises why everyone is continuing with such a bad system if it is not good for producers as well as consumers.

We have ignored one most powerful factors of an agricultural system. Yes, the traders and stockiest. They are the most powerful financially, and politically. Most of the resources are under their control. That’s why the whole system works according to their convenience.

If any farmer tries to produce a quality product at his farm, there is no appreciation. None of the traders offers him fare price and identity. The consumers are helpless, even though they liked the product they are not able to convey it to the farmer because there is no direct link between them. So, no farmer pays attention to the overall quality. They work only on the appearance of the product. No one cares about natural tests and nutrition. This is the vicious cycle. Our mission is to break it on large scale. Today we have created a working model of it. But it is on small scale. Please find more information in the about us tab.